Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Zoe Organics

With more and more skin allergies coming to light, more parents concerned about what they are actually putting on their children. It is becoming more important to use natural and organic ingredients. But do they work? Zoe Organics is one of those Organic Baby Care lines that not only work, but work really well. "Zoe" which means life was designed by a mother. The packaging is tres chic and ingredients are organic and fair trade. The products contain NO:
• parabens
• phthalates
• sulfates
• surfactants
• petrochemicals
• animal products (except organic beeswax)
• artificial colors or fragrances
We were lucky enough to try the line, and we are in love!

The Gentle Hair & Body Wash smells like fresh oranges. This really does the job of cleaning up your little one because it also contains Castille which smells delicious and is extremely gentle. When we use this, we can skip a day between hair washing. Be careful not to get it into eyes.

The Organic Baby Balm can be used to protect cheeks and lips and smells divine – a sweet lavender if that makes sense (there is vanilla in it). This is a great tool for mommies with dry hands too.

The Organic Baby Massage Oil is a must to get baby to sleep. We use ours for back massages for Product Baby (she loves massages – who doesn’t?!). It smells like lavender. I have also recently been using it to smooth on my legs after a bath.

The Organic Baby Bath Tea is divine. Each tea bag contains shavings of cocoa butter for extra moisture, along with lavender, oatmeal and calendula for soothing anything from diaper rash and eczema to sunburn. I admit to stealing one of these bags to try after a long day gardening, and it was divinity! Product Baby was sick last week, and a nice soak with the Baby Bath Tea made her feel a lot better.

The Organic Diaper Balm is so soft and creamy and the essential oils make it anti-bacterial as well. It is like buttah! And it cleans up a diaper rash in a snap! It also cleaned up a rash I got on my hand (again with the gardening).

I love this entire line!

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