Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Most homes have first aid kits full of different medicines and band-aids. I think we often are so ready to slap a chemical or medication on to a boo-boo that we are not even aware of what we are using. Two moms who are also licensed naturopathic physicians decided it was time to have kits that were a little safer, and easy to use. NaturoKits contains all of naturopathic medicine you would need in an easy to use little kit. Each NaturoKit comes with detailed instructions on what each item in the kit can be used for. We got the Basic First-Aid NaturoKit. This kit is great for lots of first aid situations – bumps, bruises, burns, bites, stings, cuts, etc. After having it for only a week, I realized how much I was grabbing for it and now carry it in my diaper bag.
The Basic First Aid NaturoKit™ includes:
• nine naturopathic remedies
• a zippered canvas bag
• full instructions for use
• a detailed description of each remedy
• an alphabetical list of conditions to reference when you’re in a hurry.

Some of the simplest and gentlest remedies are very effective in first aid situations. Included in this kit are flower essences, homeopathic remedies, botanical (herbal) medicines, and dietary supplements. These remedies can be used for children over one year of age to adults. For children under one year of age, consult with a health care practitioner. Even pets respond very well to these natural remedies. Our Basic First Aid NaturoKit™ has been created to give you the confidence, resources, information, and tools that you need to manage minor injuries on your own and to use in the case of emergencies while appropriate medical care is being sought.

Because of a major stomach bug that went through our home, I had a nice little sample of the Activated Charcoal which helped with my week-long nausea. When my daughter skinned her knee, I cleaned it with the Calendula Succus and then applied the Wild Weed Salve. She was enthralled and you know what? Her knee looked better overnight. You can buy most of the remedies available in the kit separately if you need to refill This is so convenient as you may got through one item more than another. I cannot wait to try the Crisis Calm, as I think I could drink the whole bottle on some days. These kits do not include bandages etc., but they have everything you need to handle those situations that always seem to pop up in a home with children.

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