Friday, May 21, 2010

Peace Toys

Peace Toys are the official brainchild company behind two of my daughter’s favorite new toys. They make the awesome Hugg-A-Planet collection that encourages children to care for their earth. Each soft and cuddly globe and map is a perfect way to incite your child to want to learn about the earth they live on. There is even a Hugg-A-Planet Mars to inspire those interested in the world beyond. They are safe enough for small babies and grow with your child. There is nothing more heart-warming than watching your little one give the earth a big squeeze. My daughter was instantly curious as to “what it all meant.” We showed her where we live and where different friends and family members live. This was especially helpful as her paternal grandparents live in a different state. I know this will become and even greater learning tool as she grows. I also think these could make really cool pillows for a playroom or earthy inspired bedroom!

Our other new favorite from Peace Toys is their line The Foundling Collection. The Foundling Collection is made up of simple animals with embroidered eyes which are safe from infancy. They are made of Organic cotton. The 100% organic cotton shell is filled with unbleached cotton clippings.

It takes 3 years of chemical and pesticide free farming to certify a cotton crop as organic. Organic farming protects ground water and the cotton used in the Foundlings are free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals
Each animal is lovingly handmade in Vermont. We try to buy our daughter simple toys that make her use her imagination. Stuffed toys and dolls that have overly expressive features have been proven to limit creativity because if a doll or animal looks a certain way then a child cannot project their idea of what the animal should be feeling/doing. The Foundling Collection is so simple that they can be anything. My daughter loves her Foundling Rabbit and treats it like a baby. She wrapped it in blankets the other day to take it for a walk. I cannot wait to get more from this collection for baby gifts!

Peace Toys is a company that cares about your child and our planet – what could be better?!

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