Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dr. Hauschka

Dr. Haushka is well-known skin care line. They have expanded through the years to include body care, hair care and holistic home remedies. The line was created by esthetician Elisabeth Sigmund and Dr. Hauschka, who both recognized that skin health and outward appearance are the direct results of a person’s internal health and emotional well-being. The entire line works in tune with your body and so therapeutic. The grow and source their materials in an ecologically sound manner and employ fair trade initiatives. If you have ever been to a health food store, or high end skin care boutique, you have definitely seen the Dr. Hauschka line displayed, and most often in low stock because so many clammer to get it! I was fortunate to try a few different items from the line, and I am a new devotee!

Dr.Hauschka is probably best known for their skincare. The have started a genius program called Radiant You. You can purchase these skin care kits with trial sizes of three wonderful skincare products. They are very well-priced and a perfect way to introduce your skin to Dr. Hauschka.
The kit I got included: Lavender Bath, Cleansing Cream and Facial Toner. This set is meant to introduce you to the Dr. Hauschka cleansing method. I fell in love with all three products and went out and bought the full size because I immediately noticed the difference in my skin from using this set. I also snuck a few drops of the Lavender Bath into my bath to relax and it worked wonders and smells like heaven! If you have a Radiant You party, you can even get the skincare sets for free, to try with you and your friends!

The Lemon Body Wash smells just like a sun-ripened lemon. It contains shea butter, apricot kernel oil, blackthorn and witch hazel to hydrate your skin. Because it is soap-free, it will not dry you out. It is so creamy it can even be used as a shaving cream. I cannot get over the scent. It is so sunny and bright that it makes me crave summer. This is the perfect body wash for rejuvenating skin after hours spent in the sun, salt water and pool.

I was delighted to also get a chance to try some of the Dr. Hauschka holistic home remedies. I tried the Berberis Nose Balm which relieves nasal congestion and irritation. It can be used on children and adults. I spend most of allergy season using these horrible prescription nose drops which eventually cause nose bleeds and severe discomfort. I have used this Berberis Nose Balm for a whole week with wonderful results! My nose feels moisturized and I can finally sleep without miserable stuffiness.

I am a strong believer that scent is a great factor in products. Because Dr. Hauschka uses such wonderful plant essences, you will not be disappointed. I cannot wait to try more from the line, and am delighted with the results of everything I have used so far.

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  1. Great review. I am aware of Dr Hauschka products but did not know of this new range. I really like the nose balm as my son suffers from birch tree pollen this time every year so that I must try.
    Thanks for this.


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