Monday, May 10, 2010

Salt Water Sandals

Even though we are in New England, the weather has been quite warm (of course the next day, it is freezing cold). Warm weather calls for more appropriate footwear (snow boots do not do well at the beach and poolside). I had read about Salt Water Sandals . I know how tough salt water and beach sand can be on footwear and Product Baby loves to put her footwear to the test. So we got a pair of Salt Water Sandals in the a bright lime green. Product Baby was overjoyed from the minute she opened the package (green being her new favorite color of the month). She has a very high instep, so I often have trouble finding footwear. She slid the sandals right on, and wore them all day with no issues. These sandals are made with the utmost care, and sturdy does not even being to describe them. The owner told me they are made to withstand the whole "beach season" in California, which means three beach seasons in New England! We get about two to two and a half solid beach months here, but we plan on her wearing these sandals at every available chance. I especially love that they buckle on because that means they stay on! I also love that the buckle is rust-free. I am overjoyed with these sandals (as is Product Baby). I have to get her more colors! I cannot wait to try the Women's sandals from Salt Water Sandals. You cannot beat good footwear! There is a reason all of the celebrity mommies in Hollywood are picking up these sandals for their little ones.

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  1. these are my favorite sandals for girls! so comfortable and all the colors that they come in!


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