Wednesday, May 26, 2010

blabla...Making Dreams Come True

I have written about blabla a few times now. I love this company! blabla make the best toys and accessories for children. I love that the toys are all so colorful without being overdone. Each expression on each toy is simple and fun! Our blabla Anemone still comes everywhere with us. I was psyched to see the new Dream Rings. The large selection of Dream Rings are a literal dream come true. As my toddler is becoming more independent she still has some nightmares and can be afraid to go to sleep. We use the Mermaid Dream Ring to help with this. Every night we tell her that the Mermaid is taking all of her bad dreams to put into the ocean and sending her happy dreams (I swear it helps!). The Dream Rings have smaller versions of the stuffed toys inside, and they are super soft!
We have so many blabla toys and accessories, but I had never really checked out their clothing line. I am in love! Take the softness of their other items and make them wearable! Heaven! We got the Anemone Umbrella tee, because it has, you guessed it, a mermaid on it! My daughter had to have it pried off of her to let us wash it, and it washed like a dream too!

I cannot wait to get her more Tees from this line. We also got her a pair of the Chinese Pants. They are so comfortable and go with everything! I am a big fan of play clothes for kids, and these more than stand up the job. I especially loved how chic the designs were! I wish blabla would make their clothes in adult sizes too (hint, hint).

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