Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blabla baby dolls!

I have written about my love for blabla before. I do not think there are any stuffed toys out there that are softer than blabla. Their new Doll Babies are no exception. With wonderful choices for your little boy or girl, shopping is easy for this holiday season. I am a huge proponent of dolls for young children. It teaches them imaginative play, using emotion, and even how to dress and undress themselves. The blabla Doll Babies are a generous 18" tall, and ever bit as soft and cuddly as you would except from blabla. blabla also offers and line of clothing for the dolls. Each piece of clothing is designed for young hands to take on and off their dolls, and get their little babies ready for any occasion. My child is utterly enchanted with her baby and loves dressing her! I think this is one of the top holiday gifts of the season. I also love that these babies can be bedtime snuggle pals without the hard plastic bodies some dolls have. I love that you can machine wash these dolls too. Their simple faces allow your child to make up whatever emotion baby is feeling (sad, hungry, happy). These are certainly another blabla winner!

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  1. LOVE these new blabla dolls - and COMPLETELY agree that machine washable is super important!!!


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