Friday, November 20, 2009

Something for Mommies...Skin Organics by Ann Webb

I am so conscious of the products I use on my child, but found I was neglecting to really look at what I use on me. I am really surprised at what my products contained. I decided to find organic skincare. Skin Organics by Ann Webb by is full comprehensive line of skincare for all kinds of skin. Ann Webb teamed with Dr. Brent Schillinger when she was having skincare issues of her own. She realized she wanted to make affordable and effective skincare for everyone and teamed with her business pal Joanna Marceaux. Skin Organics products are simple to use with clean, active ingredients that are recognized for their ability to change the skin. The natural products fit into everyone’s budget. The products are clean and environmentally friendly!

* They have combined Grade A extracts, many of which are organic and fair trade, with active ingredients to create a powerful combination.
* The products are esthetician developed, using the most advanced science available. They have been put to the test in a spa environment and reflect years of research and clinical use.
* The high-quality plant extracts in our products offer a sensory experience that is free of artificial fragrance.
* They utilize airless technology in the packaging of many of our products. This ensures that your product stays fresh and that your last pump of product will be as effective as your first.
* The products are always paraben free, cruelty free, and gluten free! All products except Peppermint Milk are vegan!
* The packaging offers an elegant design that is completely recyclable!
* Your satisfaction is guaranteed (products returnable by retail customer only within 30 days of use)!

I have to say my two favs from the line are the Cucumber Sage Calming Mist, and the Vanilla Açaí -Youth Preserver Night Cream. I love how they each smell, and more importantly they work. Did I mention they also smell amazing? The Cucumber Sage refreshes my skin, and i use it morning and night. I was on the search for a night cream, and was delighted with the Vanilla Acai, it is effective without being too heavy. I have found my natural skincare line!

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