Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tiny Tillia

I love fun bath products for my daughter. Since she has turned two, getting her into the tub can sometimes be a challenge. She loves it once she is in, but before that is a constant struggle. I was pretty excited to try Tiny Tillia.
London-born designer Tiffany Lerman, creator of the successful Chester collection launched the children’s brand Tiny Tillia in 2006 with a range of all-natural bath and body items. Lerman is a mother of two small children and wanted to bring a fun line of products for children to the market. Tiny Tillia is made up of endearing characters, all based on Tiffany’s family members. Each animal in the Tiny Tillia collection has a trait and story that directly relates to someone she knows and loves. Plus new characters will be joining the Tiny Tillia Gang on an ongoing basis.

All Tiny Tillia products are people, earth, animal and environmentally safe and contain NO parabens. We have loved every item we got to try. The Mango Loco Hand Sanitizer smells just like mangos, and I have been known to find reasons to to use it because I just love the smell. The Soothing Bath Soak has lavender in it, and is so gentle that you can safe using it for a relaxing soak for your child. It is a great solution if you do not like giving your child a bubble bath.

If you and your child love the bubbles, be sure to Citrus Sorbet Bubble Bath which smells just like a creamscicle and good enough to eat! Another big hit were the Mini Bath Gels that come with characters filled with bubble bath! They work wonders in getting my little one to bathe.

The Boo Boo Bandages feature the cool Tiny Tillia characters. My daughter loves band-aids and she especially loves these. I like that they come in carrying case that fits easily into my purse or diaper bag. The biggest hit for my daughter is her new Indy Sheep stuffed animal, which has become the sleeping buddy of choice.
Everything from this line is so fun and so gentle that I feel great using it. I am especially excited that Product Baby wants to actually bathe now. Convincing her that Indy the Sheep does not need a bath is another story!

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