Wednesday, March 3, 2010

RJ's Licorice

I am not big on giving my child candy, but like any child, my daughter loves a good treat. Finding a good option for those treats is always hard. I have always been partial to licorice, especially good licorice. Licorice comes from the Liquorice plant and has been around for ages with many different species growing around the world. RJ’s Licorice is direct from New Zealand. It is soft Licorice with no artificial color or flavorings! RJ’s is the leading manufacturer of licorice in New Zealand. Licorice can actually be used to soothe sore tummies and is a great stomach settler after a big meal. My daughter is partial to the Raspberry Soft Licorice and often tried to bargain with us to get more. I like that I am giving her a treat that is not full of awful ingredients. I admit, that Product Mommy and Daddy love RJ’s licorice as well!

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  1. i saw this at target and have always wanted to try it. THe original flavor though not the rasberry.


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