Thursday, March 4, 2010

A long time ago, parents would rush to get their children into hard stiff shoes to start them walking. Research now shows that the best thing is for a child to walk barefoot. This is not always an option in today’s busy world. In comes Pediped. Pediped makes shoes that are the next best thing to walking barefoot. Pediped have soft soles that protect little feet while giving them the protection they need. They were created by parents and always think of your child’s foot health first. They are soft-soled and mimic barefoot walking and the natural shape of your child’s foot. The originals are for pre-walkers and the Flex line has harder rubber soles for the more confident and older walker.
I know my daughter always had on Pedipeds , and they were shoes she took her first steps in. The designs are amazing and they are the shoes that always get you the most compliments. Now she wears the Pediped Flex which have harder rubber soles for her more active lifestyle. The shoes come with extra 2mm insoles, so that the child can have both insoles in the beginning if needed and they can be removed to grow with your child – extending the life of the shoe. Of the children’s shoes on the market, I can say that Pediped’s are unequivocally the most durable with no cheap materials used. Your child can literally wear the shoes until they no longer fit (or if they are like Product Baby, they keep trying to smoosh their feet in). The Flex line, as the name would suggest, are very flexible. The soles are super flexible and support natural foot motion. The heels have shock absorbing cushioning for comfort and foot health. My daughter has been wearing the Giselle style (shown) from when she was a baby in the originals to the now in the Flex as a 2.5 year old. Why spend more money buying lots of cheaply made shoes when you can get one amazing pair to last.

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