Friday, March 5, 2010

Plan Toys is Music to My Ears

I have written about Plan Toys on numerous occasions. I just cannot say enough about the great products that are environmentally and kid friendly. They make the best Educational Toys. The Wooden Toys are made from rubberwood from natural rubber trees that no longer produce latex. No fertilizer is added to the tree for three years before it is cut, producing pure wood. All of the wood is kiln dried, and all of their toys are painted with water based non-toxic dyes, and use E-Zero glue in place of wood glues. Plan toys uses recycled and recyclable materials , and soy and water-based inks on any printed material to lower their impact on the environment. They even use solar energy and bio-fuel to power their machinery.
When I was looking for Baby Toys that were safe and not plastic, I ended up getting quite a few Plan Toys and we still have them (some of them are so cool, that they stay on the circuit for continuous play, like the Stacking Tree and the Poseable Bear). As my daughter has grown, I have purchased more, and now that she has a kitchen, we are filling it with Plan Toys play food. I have to say that the Plan Toys play food is so well made and sturdy, and a simple comparison will show that it is a lot nicer than other wooden play food on the market. Product Baby gives everything her own test (as her alter ego Captain Destructo), and there is not even a dent in any of her Plan Toys.
I try to get her as many Developmental Toys as possible to make her think and develop skills. We recently got a Clatter from Plan Toys. It is made of wood and has a rainbow of clatters held together above two little handles. As we have been showing her how to make music to accompany her singing (which she does all day), this is the perfect way to introduce some beat. She likes to start with a quiet clatter and really gets going to a louder funky clatter beat. Even I love playing with it! My husband is currently eyeing the new Big Drum (I might need a vacation to handle that one).

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