Monday, March 8, 2010

Sarah's Silks...imagination is at your fingertips

Imaginative play for children is one of the most important things there are. Children learn so much by being creative and using their amazing imaginations to create a world of their own, where they can be anything from a mermaid to a wizard! In a world that is saturated with television and cartoon characters everywhere, it is the simple things like dress-up and pretend that help your child to escape it all.
Sarah’s Silks was started by parents who felt the same way. Their son Josh needed options for playing dress-up. They could not find what they wanted, so they ended up dyeing their own silk squares for him. That eventually became Sarah’s Silks and has been that way for 15 years. Sarah’s silks offers a huge selection of natural fiber dress-ups and toys. They chose silk because it is a natural fiber and a renewable resource. Sarah’s Silks are hand-hemmed in a small village near Shanghai. The dyes are non-toxic and the silks are easily hand-washed.
Both little girls and boys love to dress-up! My daughter has an antique cedar chest full of tutu’s, hats and costumes.
She was delighted by her Sarah’s Silks. She got a Playsilk in a vibrant blue that we use for anything from a cape, to a veil, and even as a top. Her Silk Garland is the perfect way to hold on her veil , and also a wonderful compliment to her fairy alter-ego! Her favorite is her Fairy Skirt. She runs around in her Skirt all day, and even asked to sleep in it the other night (which also speaks to how soft and comfy it is).
Sarah’s silks has plenty of options for boys and girls, including the wonderful Playsilks, which can become anything their little heart desires! I cannot wait to get her more treasures from this line. I love watching her imagination run wild. I love seeing all that she can and will become by using her imagination!

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