Monday, February 22, 2010

Smiling Planet...Smiling Parents (and Kids)

Smiling Planet makes wonderful plates place mats, t-shirts etc. for kids. They use safe, sustainable, recyclable and organic materials. Each item is made in the USA to reduce the carbon footprint compared to manufacturing abroad. Each item has inspirtational messages on it to inspire children to care for the earth we live on. The line was created by parents Olivia Haviland and Freddy Deane. Olivia comes from a family who made porcelain so she took this next step into making environmentally friendly plates for kids. Freddy Dean wrote Smiling Planet, which became the company name. His art and stories inspire the line.
We got to try out one of their really cool plates. It is a virtually indestructible plastic that has no BPA, phthalates, PVC or lead. They are recycled and recyclable. The ink on the plates is non-toxic and lead free. The plate always brings a smile to my face and my daughters. It says “The World is wonderful. Let’s make her smile.” It has people and animals linking together around the plate. I love the message this company is sending. I also love having a fun way to explain loving the earth to my little girl. She asked me the other day “How do I make the world smile?” And it was a great platform to discuss all of the little things we can do. I cannot wait to see more from this wonderful company.

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