Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bamford Organics

Daylesford Organics is a UK based company owned by Lady Bamford and her husband. Their mission is to bring organic farming to all aspects of life with a focus on local, sustainable resources. From food, to the new bath and body line for babies and adults called Bamford, there is something for everyone. The packaging is all recyclable and recycled and the products we have tried are luxurious and wonderful. I had the good fortune to try four of the wonderful products from the bath and body line, and I am now a devotee.
The Organic Nourishing Body Oil Rosemary is in a base of coconut oil with a delicious rosemary scent to improve circulation. It is made with 99% organic ingredients. I think this is the perfect moisturizer as we enter the warmer months. The Rosemary has such a fresh and spring scent to it.
The Organic Baby Bath and Massage oil is deliciously scented with lavender, chamomile, tea tree, and geranium. This is the perfect way to soothe your baby to sleep with a nice massage, or pour a little into the tub. I have been known to swipe this for a relaxing, and moisturizing bath. It is 100% organic and makes my bathroom smell beautiful as well!

The Organic Lip balm is 100% organic and is infused with pink grapefruit, rose and peppermint in organic shea butter, beeswax and arnica. It is a great moisturizer, and smells amazing. I use this every time I want a pick me up on the go. Product Baby says it smells so good she wants to “eat it mumma.”

My favorite from this line is the Organic Moisture Balm, and it is also 100% organic and smells similar to the Baby Bath and Massage oil. I want to slather it over my whole body, but I settle for my hands and elbows, and let the delicious scent soothe my senses all night. Unlike lots of Balms, it is not a light greasy film, but a seriously thick and wonderful balm.
I love that everything from this line is so natural, and works so well. The entire line is a dream, and the added bonus is I can pretend I am walking Jane Austen’s hills and looking over the moors of England, smelling all natural and organic. I have visions of myself walking in English fields with that glow, while all of my organically harvested food comes to life (hey a girl can dream).

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