Thursday, February 18, 2010

California Baby!

I wrote a few months back about California Baby Hair Detangler.
Since then, I have had the chance to try more of this company’s wonderful products. California Baby was started by Jessica Iclisoy when she wanted to find a safe and gentle shampoo for her child. Calming Hair and Body Wash came out in 1995, and now California Baby is a whole range of aromatherapy natural care for babies and children. The products all have wonderful scents and properties, but what they never contain are: sulfates, DEA, gluten, soy, dyes, synthetic fragrances or numbing agents. Each product is non-irritating, tear-free, biodegradable and safe for infants, children and adults.

I love the detangler, and now a few more products are family faves. The Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash has a wonderful herbal smell. Because of the soothing properties of Calendula, this is perfect for babies and children with dry scalps and sensitive skins. Adults with problem skin can use it as a face wash. That is another reason I love California Baby, almost all of their products have more than one use. Both baby and I have used the shampoo and love it! It cleans like no other. It is not super foamy(because of what it does not containt-SLS). My daughter’s hair is super soft and super shiny. It has also helped her dry scalp from this cold winter.

The Calendula Everyday Body lotion has the same amazing healing properties and is perfect for a nighttime relaxing massage as it contains lavender. I admit to swiping this one from my daughter more than once. I know this will make the perfect summer lotion too because it smells delicious and will give my skin a break from heavy sunscreen at night. Adults with oily skin can use this as a face moisturizer as well because of astringent properties it contains.
If you are looking for a heavier does of Calendula, be sure to try the Calendula Cream which is much thicker and can be used for anything from diaper rash to soothing cuts and scrapes. I used it on a rash my daughter had from a sensitivity to sunscreen, and in one day it was gone!

My favorite of all of California Baby items is the Overtired & Cranky Spray. It contains chamomile, tangerine and sweet orange. It is our new nighttime routine. Since Product Baby stopped taking naps on a regular basis, nighttime can be tricky. I let her (with my help) spray Overtied and Cranky Spray into her bedroom and it brings a smile to both our faces. It smells sooooooo good and really does seem to help make bedtime easier. Moms can use it on their tummies and backs to soothe menstrual cramps! I plan on taking this on my next shopping trip during a sale. Take that cranky cashier! Now parents, you may be tempted to bathe your child in this, but I swear a few sprays work! But if you are teetering on the edge of tantrum city and cranky county, you can bathe your child in the Overtired and Cranky Aromatherapy Bubble Bath (with wand included).
I am a California Baby devotee now! It is natural, fun and most important, everything I have tried actually works!

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  1. California baby has the best products. My in laws have always sent them to our girls. Especially around their birthday time..they get the birthday bubble bath and it has the bubble wand inside the bottle so cute. I love the way their products smell as well. Perfecft for sensitive skin.

    Thank you for posting your review. I havent tried the hair detangler, we have tried every brand out there and most of it seems to just make the tangles worse.


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