Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snuggle Wool

I was never aware of the wonderful qualities of wool until receiving some long johns for my daughter that were wool (see Danish Woolen Delights post). Lambswool have a soothing effect on babies. It helps you stay cool and dry because of natural air circulation through the fibers. Wool absorbs perspiration and moisture more than any other material. It is also great at keeping you warm in winter. Pure lambswool soothes and comforts baby with a soft, swaddling effect, reduces stress and restless movement, and promotes sleep. Wool fibers also limit the growth of harmful bacteria and are naturally fire retardant. It literally is one nature's most perfect fibers.

Researchers find when babies lay directly on lambswool, their activity rate is lowered producing a deeper, more restful sleep and promoting a faster growth rate. This is especially beneficial for premature and low birth-weight babies. Hospitals in England, Australia, and New Zealand have used lambswool pads to line their incubators for many years.

I found Snuggle Wool and right away called to talk to owner Ellen about trying out a blanket. Snuggle Wool is a woman-owned business offering both nursery and medical Wool (for wheelchairs, beds and crutches).
Snuggle Wool™ is the trademark of the soft, pure, fleece pads that are fully washable one-inch deep pile lambswool made by Rittenhouse Industries. SnuggleWool™ pads are made from 100% pure, fine wool from the Merino sheep in Australia and New Zealand that has been hygienically scoured and treated to allow frequent machine washing and drying. The silver knit fleece retains all of the natural qualities of sheepskin (including absorption of moisture vapor, softness and cushioning) without requiring that the animal give its life.

Why SnuggleWool™ vs. Sheep (Lamb) Skin?
SnuggleWool™ products over lambskins for the following reasons:

* Increasingly high cost of skins.
* Difficulty of washing and slow drying of the skin.
* The need to slaughter the animal to get the skin.
* Available in many sizes blankets reverse to 100% cotton fabric.

I have to say after reading what it entails to get a Sheep and Lamb skin over this Merino wool, I am not sure why any parent would use lambskin products when a better, and much softer alternative is out there.
Ellen sent us a Snuggle Wool Organic Baby Blanket. It is a delicious merino wool on one side and organic flannel on the other. We watched a good friend's baby and put it to the ultimate test. My child spent a lot of time on the floor on blankets as an infant, but none provided enough padding. This blanket is the solution. My friend's son loved it, and actually fell asleep on it, while having some tummy time. I really wish I had this for my daughter when she was younger. We decided to test it out while taking a walk in cold New England weather and used it as a stroller blanket. It got another A+ because it kept her warm without making her sweaty whenever we stopped inside somewhere. Snuggle Wool has car seat covers, buntings, co-sleeping pads etc.. With all of the benefits of these marvelous and humane products, the real question is, Why have anything other than a Snuggle Wool?

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