Saturday, December 5, 2009


Ayuerveda means "the science of life" and is an ancient system from India that promotes health with natural herbs and minerals. It has worked for 3000 years. It is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Auromere Ayurvedic Imports is a one stop shop that brings affordable and accessible Ayurvedic systems to America. The company started 30 years ago as a small community business and now it is available all over the country. Auromere was one of the first importers of Ayurvedic product from India to the US. They work closely with suppliers in India to bring top-quality items to the US market. Auromere is owned by a non-profit Yoga community and run my members and volunteers. They use the proceeds to fun schools and other Yoga organizations in the US and India. From mouthwash to Shampoo and can find it all.

Our favorites from this wonderful line are the Neem Balm which is nourishing, and moisturizing. Neem Balm is perfect for soothing dry, itchy, wrinkled skin and cracked heels and elbows. You cannot live without this in your medicine cabinet, especially at winter time. It is also a great as a nail and cuticle cream. Neem tree oil has been used for years to treat acne, psoriasis, eczema, burns, insect bits, rashes etc. because of its Antibacterial properties. I have always had dry ridges in my nails, and two weeks of using this, and they are all but gone.

Our other favorite is the Auromere's line of incense. They are made from fine essential oils, fragrant herbs, powders and resins. Each stick is rolled by hand and packaged in 100% hand-made, recycled paper. There are 24 fragrances in 3 assortments (Ayurvedic, Aromatherapy and Flowers and Spice). I am the first to admit I do not usually like incense, but this line converted me. I always thought incense smelled like sweet smoke and nothing more. The Flowers and Spice assortment in Cinnamon is by far my favorite and reminds me of holidays. My daughter adores the smell. It really livens up our living space.
As we try to live a healthier life for us and for our children, it is lines like Auromere that not only promote that, but understand living healthy does not have to mean living expensively.

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