Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Piggy Story

With all of the electronics and gadgets out there, it is hard to imagine a child being able to use their own imagination. The Piggy Story thought about this, and created a whole line of products to make children use their own imaginations and the sky is the limit. The Piggy Story carries an array of cool products with even cooler fabrics that are designed specifically for them. You can have mermaid pigs, fairy pigs, pirate pigs...

We started off our collection with a Art-To-Go Roll. I was looking for something to put in my diaper bag and take whenever we went out so my daughter always had her crayons. It is made from 100% cotton and has 14 little pockets (and it comes with 8 crayons!). It rolls right up and we take it everywhere! I was so intrigued, I ended up getting a lot more from this wonderful line. Each item is so cool and more importantly, so handy.

We have an Art Folio which is a velcro-secured fold n' stow art case. Each organized Art Folio comes complete with a drawing pad and 12 crayons. My daughter loves taking it in the car, and even carries it around the house and is always coloring pictures for her father and I. I like that it comes with the paper. It makes entertaining her at the Dr. office, and in the car on long trips, so much easier.

The Carry-All Caddy became her new purse, and has lots of room inside and out, with six handy pockets to store their beloved items. It is lined with nylon waterproof material. It can also make a great desk-top organizer for the play table.

The most genius invention from this line is the Nap N Sack. A wonderful little pack that comes with a child sized pillow and super soft fleece blanket. The machine washable sack pack can be used over and over for other toys, books or stuffed animals too. This is the perfect item for pre-school nap time (so your child is not using a grimy pillow used by every other child), and protects the pillow and blanket from being dragged on the ground. It can also be brought to the houses of whomever is babysitting. My daughter adores hers and I have had many parents ask me where I found it.
The Piggy Story has such reasonable prices, and the fabrics are so bright, fun and eye-catching that you really cannot have just one things from this marvelous line. We love every piece we have and look forward to adding to our collection!

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