Saturday, December 12, 2009

MD Moms Baby Silk

MD Moms are two board certified pediatricians who started a wonderful line of baby products called Baby Silk. Baby Silk is a full from wipes to shampoo your child. They use all natural ingredients whenever possible and none of the products contain additives like lanolin, petroleum or mineral oil which are known skin and environmental irritants. The products are hypo-allergenic and made in the USA. Because the products were created by actual pediatricians they have been so extensively tested and years of experience with children's delicate skin came into play. I love that most of their products also do double duty and have more than one use. We got to try two wonderful products.
Baby Silk Delicate Skin Comfort is a liquid powder. I am not sure if everyone knows this, but conventional baby powder can actually be dangerous as the dust can coat a child's lungs. I thought this would be a great way to avoid both issues. This wonderful product smoothes on like lotion then transforms to powder. It is made with Marine silk, shea butter, licorice extract, aloe and cornstarch, while antioxidant vitamins E and B5 help protect and reinforce the skin's natural defenses. You can get it into all of the folds on your child to prevent chafing on those hot summer days. It is Paraden, phthalate and preservative free too. Moms can use it to prevent chafing as well, and because it comes in a nice tube, you can carry it with you. It has a fresh and clean scent that is not cloying and wears off fast.

The other item we tried were the Baby Silk Gentle All Over Clean cleansing towelettes. They can be used on baby from head to toe. They are the perfect on-the-go companion for cleaning from messy diaper changes to sticky hands. They are alcohol-free and contain marine silk, vitamins E and B5, organic aloes, comfrey, ginger root and chamomile to soothe. They contain no waxes, wheat or gluten, phthalates or paraben. And like other Baby Silk products, they are lanolin, mineral oil and petroleum free. They smell amazing and get the clean-up job done. The fact that they do not contain alcohol, means I can even use them on my child when she has a rash.

Check out this wonderful line that you can feel safe using on your baby.

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