Friday, December 11, 2009

Jack Rabbit Creations

I love the look and feel of old-school heirloom toys. I find it extremely difficult to find those items at regular shops, so I end up searching the internet. I stumbled on an amazing company I had to share with you. Jack Rabbit Creations is by their own description "a true mom and pop shop." They make amazing toys with original artwork, and not one thing requires batteries or has flashing lights. Trust me, your child can have fun with well made original toys!
We got the Magnetic Farm Truck which is a really cool light blue truck with magnetic farmer and animals. Your child can easily take the pieces out, but when they put them back in, they stay put. It really makes for an easy clean-up experience. I love the vintage look of it. Every toy at Jack Rabbit Creations is like that. They are original, but bring a nostalgic feel. You can also get Magnetic Pirate Ships, Circus Truck, Fire Truck, Covered Wagon, and School bus. You are sure to find something to spark your little one's imagination. Jack Rabbit Creations also have a wide selection of Jack in the Boxes and plush toys. I have to say my favorites are the wooden toys.

I am dying to buy someone the Barnyard Puzzle Pals. It has been a long time since I saw a puzzle like that, and I love that the animals are so chunky that they can be played with on their own, separate from the puzzle, making two toys in one. I love that there are toy makers like this around. If you are the kind of person who gets a headache whenever you walk into a chain store full of holiday shoppers buying plastic toys with flashing lights and talking figures...then Jack Rabbit Creations in the place for you!

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