Sunday, December 13, 2009


In response to the medical worries over certain plastics in food and beverage containers, two mothers got together in 2006 to create Silikids. Silikids is a range of Silicone products for children from knee pads for crawlers to bottles, Silicone sleeves and now a toddler drinking glass. Why silicone? Well Silicone in non-toxic, hypo allergenic and it does not harbor or promote bacteria and fungus growth, which also means no odor. You can boil it to sterilize it and it is dishwasher and washer/dryer safe (for the bibs and knee pads). Best of all it is BPA, lead, PVC and phathalate free. Silicone is made from silicon which is a natural element and one of the most abundant on earth. It does not decompose but is recyclable (mainly through speciality recycling facilities) but you can send your products back to Silikids and they will recycle it for you. Because of its durability you can reuse it again and again so there is less waste.

We got the try try the Siliskin glass. It is a 6 oz. silicone covered glass. I am sure you have all had that toddler moment where they want to do what you are doing. Whenever we ate dinner, my daughter stole my glass, because she did not want her covered straw cup. I was worried she would break the glass. This is the perfect solution. Because it is silicone covered it makes it easier for them to hold and protects the glass in case it is (inevitably) dropped. I am not saying you would do this because the glass could break, but I threw mine to test it out, and it simply bounced. My daughter loves feeling like she is a big girl drinking from her own glass.

Whatever your child's age, there is a Silikids product to fit. They are all super affordable and make great gifts for new moms, or even stocking stuffers for your little ones. Say goodbye to plastic!

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