Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Serena & Lily "Un"Diaper Bag

Serena and Lily was created by Serena Dugan, a textile designer and artist, and Lily Kanter, a baby boutique owner and businesswoman. They began creating bedding sets and fabric patterns for nurserys, eventually expanding into children’s furnishings. Their creative designs turned the industry upside down, and everyone from celebs to the mom next door are clamoring for Serena & Lily. You have probably seen their gorgeous Market Sling. Their designs are simply beautiful and most importantly, functional. We got their Prague Gypsy Tote. It is absolutely the most gorgeous bag I have ever owned (and I have owned a lot of bags). This tote is for the mom who does everything. It was created by (and for) Serena when she couldn't find the perfect "un"diaper bag. It has numerous pockets and is easy to hang from your stroller. Bonus: it is washable and wipeable. The best part is, when my child is out of diapers, I can still use this as a bag because it is not festooned with froclicking bunnies and Mickey Mouse.
The Prague Gypsy Tote is made from flax linen with hand embroidery and rich leather detailing.You can add more accessories if you choose, like the Diaper Clutch and the Changing Pad.. This has become my go-to diaper bag because it goes with everything, and for a pack-rat like me, it holds everything we need for a day out. If you are the kind of mom who packs her diaper bag for every occasion, this is the bag for you. I have to admit, I also feel pretty cool when I get complimented on my Gypsy Tote by 20 year olds (the fact that it is filled with diapers and wipes is my little secret).

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  1. Love the Serena & Lily Prague Gypsy Tote... My children are 2 & 4 and this un-diaper bag is just perfect, since it doesn't even look like a diaper bag!


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