Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tree Blocks

Tree Blocks are by far the coolest blocks I have seen. They really allow a child to enjoy nature. You can get them with or without the bark. We chose to get them with the bark. They are a great learning tool and promote spatial reasoning, problem solving and motor skills. Your child can let their imagination run wild as they build little dwellings for forest animals, or use them to count, or even to combine with other blocks to make a land all their own. Freeform pieces come in precision-cut 2-cm. increments (2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 cm.) with large 2 cm. disks and bridges to support successful building and early math and metric system learning. The pieces are finished with flax oil. Tree Blocks come in a colorful, cotton twill, drawstring sack. I love that this company is doing something so responsible. Their vision is to provide fun and learning oriented toys produced in a socially and ecologically responsible way. They use discards from managed paper forests so they never kill a tree to make these blocks. Product Mommy thinks these are the perfect gifts for boys and girls. It is no surprise that these blocks have won numerous awards!

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  1. I know I love these right? - I wanted to work with them but never got a response.


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