Monday, October 26, 2009

A Spot of Tea

Tea clothing line is probably the brand of clothing I recommend to every parent I meet. The clothing is so soft and really lasts and lasts. I often turn dresses into tunics for my daughter as she grows.

The prints are all unique and the prices are just right. Tea was named after, well Tea, the drink that nearly every culture in the world shares. Their line is "for little citizens of the world." It started in 2003 in San Francisco and has become the Tea Collection and Daily Tea found in stores across the world. Each season, the clothing is inspired by different cultures and locations. Each collection is really a piece of art. And now they have even come out with a sleepwear line (I definitely know what my little one is getting for Christmas). There are many styles to choose from for both boys and girls, and they go up to size 8.

Tea is also a company with a conscience.
On November 4, 5, and 6th, Tea Collection will donate 15% of all sales made on to their partner, The Global Fund for Children ( - an organization that works to advance the dignity of vulnerable children and youth by supporting and strengthening grass roots groups and harnessing the power of books, films, and photography.

I love that a child can have style, color and culture...and most importantly...comfort.

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