Sunday, October 25, 2009

Patemm-the changing pad that changes everything

I am probably one of the biggest germaphobes out there. Lots of diaper bags and little clutches come with changing pads, but if your little one is active in any way, he/she inevitably rolls off of the thin strip that people consider a changing pad. I hate to even think what they are touching against their skin when the roll off those pads. Those who do not carry a diaper bag, often have a clutch, and all of the clutches I have seen still have to be opened and the changing pad laid out, while you try to control your squirming child. Not fun!

Grace Welch was a mom experiencing the same problem, and she decided to do something about it. She created the award-winning patemm pad. She cleverly named it after her son and daughter (Patrick and Emma). patemm pads have a round design that allows you to place your little one in any direction. You can store diapers, wipes, and even a set of clothes in the inside pockets. When not in use, the patemm® pad folds into a compact carrier.

All patemm® pads are 30 inches and each pad is designed with 4 outside handles allowing you to unfold/fold it with one hand. Once folded, an exposed handle flips over the top and an adjacent handle is used to carry the closed pad.

The one we have is laminated cotton and is CPSIA-certified. patemm® pads are waterproof and are PVC, LEAD, PHTHALATE, LATEX, BPA, AND FORMALDEHYDE-FREE. You can either clean it with a damp cloth, or throw it in the wash (no bleach or fabric softeners) and air dry. I have one of the squirmiest toddlers around, and not only is the pad plenty big enough to change her, she is always protected wherever I change her. I love not having to carry around a huge diaper bag everywhere we go. We are potty training, but I still bring this along for the inevitable wardrobe change while we are out.

I love this mommy-invented product. It is simply amazing and makes diaper changing time that much easier.

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