Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Amazing Crayon

My child loves to color and draw. We bring crayons with us every time we go out in case we get caught waiting and she needs something to do. I have often seen crayons that are melted down and made into shapes, but they always used conventional Crayolas.
The Amazing Crayon was created by a family who did the same thing, but decided that the smell of melted paraffin was not for them-and voila they decided to make soy crayons. The family still works together making the crayons and packaging them.

We have the maple leaf one which is not only adorable, but colors so well. I also love that it is a great learning tool as we are in the midst of fall. The Amazing Crayon has so many options to choose from and at $1 each, you can afford to stock up on the fun. This is one environmentally friendly, and fun crayon. I am going to get a bunch for goody bags at my daughter's next birthday! I also think these would make great stocking stuffer.

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