Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Aminals-the Ultimate Organic Toy!

Lots of companies talk about how organic they are.  Lots are really on the ball, but one company is bringing organic to new levels.  Aminals are super soft huggable dolls created from all organic ingredients both inside and out.  What does that mean?  Well every single Aminal doll is stuffed with unbleached, unprocessed, chemical-free organic cotton-that means cotton that has been grown without syntheic pesticides and fertilizers.  They are dyed with low-impact vegetable dyes.  Best (and coolest of all), when your Aminal has been loved and loved and you are ready to part with it, you can compost it.  Yes, that is right, you can cut down the Aminal and give it back to the earth to eventually use to fertilize new growth. Click here to find out how.  Each Aminal is is produced with fair labor practices and is certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard. GOTS regulating groups ensure humane, safe and hygienic working conditions during all the stages of processing and production.  I don't think it gets any more Eco-friendly than this.  I had no idea how harmful conventional cotton is.

Did you know that cotton is one of the most ecologically destructive field crops in the world? Millions, even billions of pounds of pesticides, defoliants, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers are sprayed on cotton each year. These poor practices harm our air, water, soil, negatively impact biodiversity, as well as permanently damaging our farmers’ health and safety. In fact, a quarter of the world’s toxic insecticides are used just for growing conventional cotton! (courtesy of the Aminals Website)

There are currently 11 Aminals to choose from, and choosing is hard because each one is so cute!  They are inspired by children's drawings and their imaginations.  In fact, the companies tagline is "from their world, for their world."  This is a company that is concerned about what kind of earth our children will grow up to inherit.  We have the Liun (yes that is how it is spelled) and we love it.  It is the perfect sleeping companion.  It is so soft and cuddly!  I cannot wait for her to grow with it and eventually compost it with her father and I. I think it will be a marvelous learning experience and evolution of a toy for us all.

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