Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hugo Naturals

I am not sure if many people know this, but a fabulous website exists that tells you the "hazard score" of your favorite skin care and body products. The website Skin Deep and they look at the ingredients in the product and give it a hazard rating (which lets you know how toxic it is-how safe the ingredients are, and whether or not certain ingredients are linked with certain disorders ie. allergies, cancers etc.. A 0-2 is a low hazard, 3-6 Moderate Hazard and 7-10 is High Hazard. I often visit the site to check items I use on both my daughter and I.

I am thrilled that Hugo Naturals has one of the best ratings I have ever seen on Skin Deep (most of their products get a 0-3 rating!). Hugo Naturals is dedicated to making all-natural products that really work for you and your family. HUGO NATURALS is a Chatsworth, California-based company and all products are handmade in the USA.
We use a few items from the Hugo Naturals Baby line. The whole line is free of artificial fragrances, colors, parabens, petroleum products, animal fats, and alcohols. Our favorites are the Shampoo and Baby Wash-we use it as our everyday body wash. It is a fabulous blend of aloe, calendula and arnica. It leaves my daughter so soft, and it smells amazing with the shea butter and chamomile scent. It has a pleasant sweet, but not too sweet smell. It is tear-free. My daughter tells me it smells like sugar.

Our other favorites is their Oh-So-Soft Baby Lotion. It also contains aloe and Shea butter and smells so light and pleasant. It is a good consistency and a little goes a long way.
I use the Vanilla and Sweet Orange body lotion, which smells just like the real thing and is thick without being greasy-perfect for a New England winter.
Check out the whole Hugo Naturals line, you will not be disappointed. Safe, pure and most importantly, they work!

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