Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fashion Bunny!

Dante Beatrix is a New York City based company that creates contemporary accessories for kids and their moms. The designs are modern, fun and so colorful!If you are not a fan of kids clothing festooned with Disney characters (oh how we suffer for our children’s fashion sense), then you will love the line of Dante Beatrix t-shirts. The 100% cotton t-shirts come in four colors (Pink with a Bunny, Yellow with a Panda, Blue with a Dinosaur and Orange with a Monkey). They are decorated with the same wonderful characters you see on Dante Beatrix backpacks. My daughter loves her pink Esther (Bunny) shirt. We have already sparred over my need to wash it, and her insistence that she wear it...everyday!
If you have not seen Dante Beatrix backpacks and lunch packs, you probably live under a rock ;) They are sweeping the mommy and child scene!

I am dying to get my hands on one of the little kids backpacks so when we travel my little cutie can have her own bag.
Eco-Note: Be sure to check out their line of ecobags made from recycled plastic water bottles and trimmed with biodegradable canvas.

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