Thursday, October 8, 2009

If I had a Hammer...

My father is quite the woodworker, and definitely the one we call when we want something made, fixed, and even when our computers literally explode. My daughter is fascinated watching him fix things and loves pretending to help. I was looking for a little tool set for her. Most tool sets are plastic, or all wood ones, which are nice-but if you met my daughter, you would know why I fear a wooden hammer in her hands (my furniture cannot handle it). I was delighted to get Under the Nile's Tool Box. I have blogged about Under the Nile before discussing my love of their fruits and veggies toys. The Under the Nile Tool box is a durable wooden tool box that includes a stuffed 100% organic Egyptian Cotton toy hammer, saw and paint brush. The Tool Box is finished with linen seed oil. My daughter loves it, and thinks she is Miss Fix-it. A shelf was coming loose and she strolled along with her "hammer" to help fix it. I love that she now can join her grandfather and "help" him. What a fun and natural way to include her. Another Under the Nile big hit in my house!

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