Friday, December 9, 2016

All I want for the Holidays is Wonderful Skin

We are all well aware of my obsession with Evan Healy products.  This entire natural skin-care line allows your skin to not only breathe, but uses the power of nature and years of knowledge to do so.  Evan Healy is a holistic aesthetician, who I am convinced breathes pure magic into her formulations.  I write about them often because I love them so much.

The Patchouli Rose Cleansing Milk is  the classic Rose Cleansing Milk blended with Evan’s special reserve of Patchouli Essential Oil to create a decadently deep chocolatey floral cleansing experience.
  • Our creamy cleansing milk, handmade with regenerating plant oils, antioxidant-rich gotu kola and purifying white kaolin clay, leaves skin feeling clean, relaxed and refreshed
As an avid user of the Rose Cleansing Milk, this new formula is another bonus.  It is a sensory journey that leaves my skin glowing and the most delicious fragrance lingers in the most unobtrusive way.  I hope this becomes a permanent part of the line.  My skin loves it.  It does a wonderful job of rinsing away even my toughest makeup.

The Lemon Thyme Hydrosoul smells like a garden and completes my process before putting on my favorite Evan Healy moisturizer.  This is perfect for hormonal, teenage and blemish prone skin.  It does not dry me out at all which is an added bonus (with that yummy lemon scent). 

My absolute newest obession that I cannot get enough of, is the Lemongrass Facial Polish.  I love a good exfoliating product.  This one is in my top three of all time!  It can be used as a masque or as a skin polish.  I employ it in both manners.  It is a brownish color that really purifies skin and polishes it without harsh chemicals.  Skin looks refreshed rather than raw and scratched (which conventional facial polishes are infamous for).  Kiss chemical peels goodbye!

Give the gift of beautiful skin this holiday season.  


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