Friday, December 11, 2015

Advent and a Magical Toy Garden

Finding unique and wonderful gifts for your loved ones during the holiday season can seem like an impossible mission.  I love finding gifts that are not "dime a dozen" and owned by every kid and their uncle. A Toy Garden has long been one of my favorite shops for fabulous gifts for my daughter (and hey, even I enjoy them).  This year we were lucky enough to get an Advent Wooden Spiral. 

This beautiful wooden wreath is a great way to mark off the days in advent.  The spiral has 24 holes to move along in the month of December up to the eve of Christmas.  You get four 100% beeswax, tapered candles and four brass candle holders allowing you to move the candle of the week along the path.  It also comes with a flower on a peg, a squirrel on a peg, and an angel on a peg who can also move along the path. Add a few greens, a fresh flower or two, and it's a beautiful centerpiece for a dining table or nature table.  Children will love watching the movement from the outside to that inside day!

We are able to mark the days of advent together in such a special way.  My daughter plans on spending her weekend making more decorations to surround our spiral.  It is so incredibly crafted and so fun.  After advent, this amazing gift is going to be a birthday ring as well; a special way to celebrate the years of your child's life.  We could not be more overjoyed.  My daughter looks forward to this ritual every night and it has opened some important dialogue about the true meaning of the holidays in our home. 

A Toy Garden  is truly a magical site that allows you to step outside of the plastic, tacky toy box and bring home a special treat for any special occasion.  Be sure to check out the dazzling array of stocking stuffers.  I have my eye on quite a few things for my little one's stocking. They are gifts I know will last the test of time, and ones she will always treasure.

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