Monday, February 16, 2015

Isun Skincare

Isun Skincare is a line I have become truly enamoured with.  As I use it more and learn more, I am amazed.  The mission of this company is a noble one close to my beliefs.  Bunnie Gulick has founded a company with skincare that will truly change your routine.  The Isun mission:

To create true, high performance products in harmony with nature and our bodies that do no harm. To produce the most advanced, highest integrity wildcrafted organic and natural skin care products teeming with life and energy, for the purpose of restoring, rejuvenating and giving pure vitality to one’s skin, senses, health and total well-being. is a great place to find a wonderful selection of Isun Skincare. I am kind of obsessed with the masks.  I use the Dead Sea Mud once a week to clarify my skin.  For those who feel that clay masks are too drying (think in winter), but still want the clarifying, check out the Rhassoul-Neem Mask.  It does the trick wthout drying you out and it really purifies the skin.  It also smells Ah-mazing.  The Chlorella-Algae Mask is perfect for red skin (think too much time in the sun or harsh cold).  That in conjunction with healthy doses of the Soothing Relief Mask will make peeling, hurt skin a thing of the past.

The Vegan Moisturizing Mask is great for when you need a big does of smooth skin.  
Raw superfoods high in antioxidants enliven this deeply penetrating and delicious vegan moisturizing mask. Raw shea butter from Ghana and extra virgin coconut oil are blended with agave nectar, goji berries and raw cacao with concentrations of acai berries, raspberry and cranberry oils to create excellent moisturizing & nourishing benefits.
This mask is thick and dense which scared me at first (especially with combo skin), but it was amazing and I definitely cannot live without it now.

If you crave an even bigger hit of pure moisture, then the Honey-Goji Berry Mask is the treat you crave.  It plumps skin, repairs it and provides moistruzing protection.
100% active ingredients, this delicious, rich moisturizing mask is teaming with live enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to soften skin, plump up the tissues with lasting hydration and nourishing moisture for healthy, rejuvenated skin. Phyto-antioxidants from goji and acai berries, raspberry and cranberry oils help repair skin and provide protection. Raw shea and mango butters blend in to enhance the moisturizing benefits.

Yeah, see my dilemma, I cannot decide which one I love more either.  I do know that now that I have found this line, I intend to be a lifelong fan.  They need to stop making such amazing products or I may go broke.  After giving my skin such treats with these masks, I am embarrassed to tell you that within weeks I am almost out of my favorite product yet, the Neroli Hydrosol Mist.

The Neroli Hydrosol Mist has become my favorite way to perk up my skin.  It smells like heaven (seriously) and I travel with it too.  I even use it on my body after the shower because I love the scent so much.

Each plant distillate is infused with herbs that enhance its properties, aloe vera for its moisturizing and healing benefits, panthenol for its soothing and regenerating properties, aspen bark extract for its soothing, microbial and natural preservative qualities, and a small gemstone inside each bottle that matches the energetic qualities of the distillate.

 Isun Skincare is so amazing.  I cannot get enough.  Which reminds me, stay tuned for my review of the Gemstone Body Oils.

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