Monday, November 24, 2014

Build & Imagine

Build & Imagine are toys that I hope to see on every child's wish list. Created by Laurie Peterson, these building toys are geared to expand a child's STEM skills.

Build & Imagine toys aim to expand a child’s possibilities by developing foundational skills for the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). These are fields in which women represent only 24% of the workforce, leading to what the President has termed a “gender gap in innovation”.Toys can make a difference.
Historically, building toys have catered to boys. Girls have been missing out because these toys develop important spatial and design skills that are prerequisites to succeed in STEM.
Build & Imagine has a brand new line of magnetic construction sets featuring adventurous leading female characters and rich illustrated details that inspire both girls and boys to build and imagine. We’re putting the child in the role of designer and architect, and providing a launching pad for imaginative play.

I have not been as impressed by a toy in so long as I was when we got the chance to try out a  Build & Imagine  set.  Each set can work with the other sets to build a world of your child's dream.  There is a Marine Rescue Center (which we own), A Day at the Beach and Beach House.  These sets are creative and really make your child think.  My daughter plays with her set for hours and even includes other figurines.  As an ocean lover, the Marine Rescue Center was right up her alley.  She is able to problem-solve in a way that a lot of similar toys do not seem to offer.  Build & Imagine wants to inspire boys and girls to create their own stories and learn while having fun.  These sets are "set" to inspire a new generation of boys and girls!


  1. Wow I am so touched by your review! Thank you so much!

    Laurie Peterson,
    Founder of Build & Imagine

  2. We love Lego at our house however what a great building toy alternative!


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