Monday, September 22, 2014

The Homesteader's Kitchen

The Homesteader's Kitchen by Robin Burnside is the kind of cookbook you find yourself reaching for again and again.

Robin Burnside's delicious, wholesome recipes for nurturing and nutritious meals make use of whole foods from the garden or farmers market. Since what we eat has a considerable affect on our well-being, she gives tips on choosing the finest quality ingredients along with cooking hints and suggestions to help create meals for optimal health and dining satisfaction. From refreshing beverages, filling breakfasts, crisp salads, and hot soups to homemade breads, grilled meats and fish, vegetarian meals, and luscious desserts, this cookbook has it all-the best whole foods, locally and sustainably grown, served with love.

It embraces using ingredients that are the freshest and most local...something I love.  These recipes use ingredients you have on hand at home.  The flavor combinations are a hit with young and old alike.  We recently enjoyed the Bali Toast.  We enjoyed it so much I made an extra batch to freeze so mornings were a little easier.  The combination of yogurt with banana gave this French toast variant a real boost.

I recently ended up with an abundance of fennel (weird I know), and was desperate to use it.  I love fennel and it does amazing things for the stomach.  I made the Spinach, Fennel, Tangerine salad and experienced all of the goodness without the midday food slump.

I look forward to trying more recipes.  The Cranberry-Tangerine relish is going to make a big appearance this fall.  Flavors delight!

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