Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Osmia Luz

If you read this blog, then you know I am constantly spreading the Osmia Organics love.  Since going natural, this brand has become one of my all-time favorites and my multiple orders for their body oils speak for themselves.  I am Product Mommy and I am addicted to Osmia Organics.  Osmia Organics recently launched their newest face soap and serum by the adorable name of Luz.

Luz Enzyme Facial Soap is a golden treat in the box!
Organic pumpkin and tomato are incorporated into our well-loved facial soap recipe for a gentle yet effective enzymatic exfoliation.  The mild exfoliating action is complimented by the soothing, softening action of organic honey and camellia seed oil.  Essential oils of carrot seed, carrot root, rosewood, and geranium are all known for their restorative skin effects, and provide a soft, green, herbal scent to the bar.  Calms the senses, brightens the complexion.

I could rhapsodize about the scent (herbal goodness), but let me first explore the amazing benefits of this soap.  It soothes my skin while giving my face a boost of glowing goddess.  I have been using this every day and it is something I really have begun to look forward to.  It cleanses away the day while really doing some sort of magic for my skin.  I recently had some dry cheeks from the summer and this eliminated those patches entirely!

 The new Luz Brightening Face Serum continues where the soap leaves off.
Organic argan and camellia oils are the base for this divine brightening serum.  Silky broccoli seed and prickly pear oils provide a velvety texture - the oil sinks in almost immediately.  Botanical actives such as gotu kola, algae, and wheatgrass help soothe irritation and enhance tone.  This sublime serum is also enhanced with papaya, pumpkin, and mushroom extracts, which help the skin maintain a luminous appearance.  

Osmia recommends using this treat a few times a week until skin adjusts.  This is really a surprise for the skin.  It works best for normal, dry and mature complexions, so I use this once a week before bed to give my skin a glow.  The next morning I can hop out of bed and no foundation is needed.  It does what it says...makes skin appear luminous.

Can  Osmia Organics  every go wrong?  Not in my book. I am happily stuck to their site watching for new products to love and enjoy!

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