Monday, July 14, 2014


I love when I find organic skin care that is really safe and ethical.  A lot of labels make those claims and then you look further to discover that is not the case.  Mokosh is amazing Australian brand that has the goods to back up those claims.

Mokosh is a small business located in Fremantle, Western Australia. The business arose out of a desire to make skin products from pure, ethically sourced ingredients that are strictly free of potentially harmful additives and unsustainable ingredients found in almost all skin care products.Our full range is certified organic with NASAA, and most of our products consist of 100% certified organic ingredients. Our Face Cleansing Powder contains 5% Argiletz green clay (as a mineral, clay cannot be certified organic), and Exfoliating Body Massage contains 5% wild-harvested Australian sandalwood powder, currently unavailable as certified organic. In the soap range, the bar soaps contain approximately 5% non certified organic essential oils, whereas the essential oils in our liquid soaps are all ceritified organic. The remainder of the range is 100% certified organic. Our key ingredients are Fair Trade - shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, coconut flour, marula oil and coffee. We do not add preservatives of any description - not even those approved for use in certified organic cosmetics, because we are not satisfied with their safety. Nor do we use artificial colours or fragrances, or synthetic ingredients- all our ingredients are used in their natural form. We don't use palm oil in our soaps and other products for environmental reasons. It seems that Mokosh is one of the few skin care brands that is genuinely free of palm oil derivatives. Read more about this in our recent blog.  We use glass to package all our skin care products to reduce plastic waste, recyclable PET plastic for our liquid soaps, and 100% recycled card packaging for our soaps and lip balms. Read more in Philosophy.

I know the above is a mouthful, but I felt it was important to highlight how great this company really is.  I am in love with the products I was able to try.  My three favorites are the Face Cleansing Powder  which exfoliates and refines skin.  It contains certified organic oatmeal, certified organic neem powder, certified organic lemon peel powder, certified organic coconut powder, certified organic rose petals, Argiletz green clay, certified organic tulsi leaf, certified organic wheatgrass powder.  It can be used as both a cleanser and a mask.  I use it as a mask 2 times a week.  I love it!

I am also a huge fan of the Moisturizing Lip Balm with Virgin Coconut & Apricot Kernel Oils.  It literally melts into my lips and smells like summer.  I use it at night before bed and in the morning.    I am convinced that the Coconut & Sandalwood body oil is what heaven smells like.  This precious body oil may be used as an overall body moisturiser, or as a cooling, grounding massage oil. This oil combines unrefined virgin coconut oil which is deeply moisturising and rich in anti-oxidants, vitamin-rich apricot kernel oil, and highly nutritious and anti-aging camellia oil. The fragrance is from Australia's own precious organic sandalwood oil, sustainably harvested. The oil is rapidly absorbed, and daily use will soon leave the skin glowing with health. The deep noted sandalwood aroma is soothing, and you will detect its subtle calming influence for hours afterwards.
The oil combination, in the Ayurvedic tradition, is suited to the 'Pitta' type. Generally, Pitta types are energetic, fast-paced high achievers, who would benefit from the cooling, calming effects of this oil, which will lighten body and mind, helping return both to a state of equilibrium.  I dare anyone to try it and not fall in love.  I took the bottle with me on vacation.  
I love not only the efficacy of the products, but how pure they are.  I look forward to trying more from this amazing line.

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