Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Blended not Stirred

I got a Vitamix for Christmas this past year.  Since that time, I blend anything I can.  We are a smoothie family.  Sick?  Smoothie.  Tired? Smoothie.  You get the picture.  I like to incorporate as much healthy food as I can into that blender.  We all know how notoriously picky kids can be.  While I might eat collard greens or bee pollen tablets without complaint, my daughter is a different story. I was looking for a way to spruce up our smoothie recipes, because frankly I was being a bit too boring. Super Fresh Juice & Smoothies by Nicola Graimes is full of ideas to bring healthy and that yum factor into play.  Nicola Graimes is an award-winning writer specializing in nutritional health, vegetarian cookery, and food for children. 

Along with the nutrients gleaned from fresh fruit and vegetables, these greattasting drinks contain active super-nutrients such as spirulina, wheatgrass, maca, baobab, lacuma, acai berries, chia seeds and raw cacao. To help those unfamiliar with these super-nutrients, an in-depth list of their numerous health benefits, with information on how to use them. There is no comparison between home-produced juices and mass-produced ones - with homemade drinks you can choose your favourite fresh produce, they are additive-free with no added sugar, and they're not pasteurized, a process which can deplete their nutritional status. Alongside over 100 recipes, this book gives practical advice on getting the most from your fresh produce, plus a guide to buying a juicer or blender.

I have used so many of these recipes but some of our favorites include the Watermelon Heaven  and the Skin Brightener. The book is even split into fun categories including ones for optimal skin health. Who can resist the gorgeous color that raw beet adds to a smoothie?  Plus, every recipe we have tried tastes amazing.  You really cannot go wrong.  It has also guided me into using bee pollen in my smoothies (great for allergy resistance) as well as Chlorella powder and Goji Powder.  Since it is a humid summer, I have even frozen some of these into delicious pops for the kids.  Here's to healthy eating (or sipping).

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