Thursday, July 31, 2014


While reading through some favorite eco-beauty sites, there was one brand name that came up again and again...BijaBody.  
BijaBody’s mission is to change the conversation about beauty. We believe in the power of women working together to help build a world that future generations can proud of; a world where people are celebrated for their unique beauty, authenticity and courage in pursuing their passions, whatever they may be.  To do that, BijaBody creates health + beauty systems that help our customers feel good from the inside out and the outside in. We focus just as intently on the social/environmental impacts as we do effectiveness. 
This incredible line has body care and tea that you will not want to ever do without once you try them.  BijaBody has strict guidelines for their products.  
  • Ingredients must be as natural as possible, and sophisticated. We want the best that modern, responsible, natural chemistry can produce.
  • All lab-created ingredients will be non-toxic, biodegradable and serve a very distinct purpose that cannot be achieved with a natural ingredient alone. An example of this is using curcumin instead of turmeric, because it is the active extract, and must go through a laboratory extraction, and have an emulsifier. We use minute concentrations of Butylene Glycol (not to be mistaken with propylene glycol) to emulsify Turmeric extract.
  • Concentrations of active ingredients will meet or exceed current data for efficacy. No ingredient shall be included just for claim's sake.
  • No citrus oil.
  • All oils must be cold-pressed to preserve abundant goodness, and essential oils must be steam-distilled.
  • Honey will be from properly managed apiaries in USA to protect our precious bees.
  • Ingredients must be from fairly-traded sources whenever possible, and with increasing regularity, and must be harvested in manners which protect sources.
  • No GMOs.
  • No Palm Oil or Derivatives.
  • Ingredients should be organic when possible, or from sources which have been investigated to be responsible.

The best way to try everything is the Discovery Set which includes their amazing body products as well as tea samples.   I loved everything in the set, but the big winners for me are the Daily Body Serum (smells amazing and leaves my skin glowing) and the Bedside Manner Lip + Hand Treatment.  These are products that you will not want to live without.  Which brings me to the teas, oh the teas.  Run to your computer, don't walk and order the Herbal Beauty Tea, or any of their teas for that matter.  You cannot imagine how pure and beneficial they are.  My samples were not enough.  I had to order more right away.  They just make you feel good and comforted and really more beautiful.  I know sounds crazy, but it works!

I cannot wait to order more from this amazing company, because quite frankly the fact that I have run out of the Daily Body Scrub is not going to work.  Think smooth skin all year long in a convenient bottle (and don't get me started on the amazing smell).

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