Monday, May 26, 2014

Bouncing Balls of Glory

If I can find an activity to do at home that my daughter not only likes but learns something from, then I am game.  My daughter knows that I hate hearing, "I am bored." so I have a craft closet stocked with goodies for us to create.  My personal favorite was from the education toys brand, Galt.  

Galt produces and sells quality toys which meet the needs of all stages of child development from 0-10 years. 
Galt products are designed to be fun and to encourage learning through play. Traditionally the company is associated with art, craft and activity products.

 Galt is like a store for the creative kid in all of us.  We got to try their amazing Bouncy Balls kit!  You and your child layer crystals and water to create your own bouncy balls!  This was a huge hit in our house.  My daughter could barely contain herself when she saw the package, never mind the finished product that she helped create! My husband and I were both very impressed with the ease of the kit and how excited she got.  There is enough in the package to make two large balls or 8 small ones.

We had a ball doing in and now I know what some lucky kids will be getting for birthday gifts.  These are just too fun to resist.

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