Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vered Organic Botanicals

There are so many skincare and body care brands out there, that it takes a lot to get me excited to try anything.  Vered Organic Botanicals was one of those lines I have lusted after.  Vered Organic Botanicals gets a lot of lip service from green bloggers, major publications and word-of-mouth.

VERED organic botanicals is an organic skin and body care line integrating therapeutic botanical essential oils that are 100% chemical and preservative free. Creator Vered is a master esthetician and herbalist who brings 23 years of combined experience to VERED organic botanicals - integrating holistic modalities such as phytotherapy, medicinal plant research, skilled esthetician expertise, extensive bodywork and aromatherapy - to develop and share these high quality 85%-100% organic products for face and body.

Vered Organic Botanicals was created by Vered, and the story is interesting:
The inception of VERED organic botanicals started at the urging of her private clients, who begged her to bottle her customized facial oil blends. 
Despite the incredible feedback from clients, the true motivator to create the VERED line centered around her very own challenging health issues, which she faced years later after she experienced a sudden health crisis. 

Feeling defeated, she turned to her massive collection of organic herbal remedies and tinctures that she had been extracting for years. She opened her books, researched health websites, and held private sessions with a homeopathic teacher. She applied all her years of research and study about herbs, nutrition, and alternative medicine into practice on herself, leaving her fear at the door.

In short, she took control of her own health. 

Vered has a wealth of over 23 years as an esthetician and herbalist. I was fortunate enough to speak with Vered via phone and she is so knowledgeable about skincare.

Her creations are all gems, but for me, there are a few that really stand out.   As someone with hormonal, combination skin, you say "face oil" to me and I cringe.  I am one of those people who is torn with wanting so badly to try them and knowing oil is actually good for your skin (even combination skin), and scared I will be one big breakout.  The Therapeautic Balancing Facial Oil changed all of that for me.  This herb-infused oil is antibacterial and antiinflamotory.  It was created specifically for damaged, problematic, inflamed, oily skin.  It really is amazing!  It smells like a lemon drop.  I use it nightly and though the results were not immediate, by the second week, I had less bumps on my forehead and chin.  You only need a tiny amount.  I am a facial oil convert!

The other Vered Organic Botanicals winner for me is the Clarifying Detox Mask.  When I first opened it, I was not sure how I would feel.  It looks like mud, but when mixed with a little water, it is a anti-fungal, anti-bacterial treat for problematic skin.  It contains liquorice, walnut hulls, and neem leaf among other things.  It has a very herbal scent.  I use this 1-2 times a week.  I cannot get enough!  It clears up hormonal breakouts and keeps skin looking and feeling fresh.

Vered Organic Botanicals is also known for the amazing body oils.  My favorite of the three is the Signature Scent Body Oil, or as I call it, "heaven in a bottle."  It is the most gorgeous smelling body oil, with notes of rose, amber, jasmine and orange blossom.  Primrose, jojoba and almond oil make this the perfect moisturizer for dry, winter skin.  I wish I could drink this stuff, it is that good.  I usually get little bumps on the back of my arms and this miracle oil cleared them right up.

Vered Organic Botanicals did not disappoint in any way.  The formulations are well-thought out and come from someone with the experience and education to really change the way we care for ourselves and our skin.  Be sure and grab the Introductory Kit, which will give you nice sampling of all of the products and introduce you to this amazing experience.

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