Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sailing with Captain Blankenship

My favorite book as a child was called The Maggie B by Irene Haas.  In this book, Maggie wishes on a star for a ship to sail on with her brother.  They spend the day aboard the ship and eat delicious things and enjoy their freedom.  I always wanted to be careful yet imaginative Maggie.  When the book would end, I did not care that Maggie was safe at home, I imagined her still sailing the seas.  

   Captain Blankenship is a line of skincare, body care, fragrance and hair care by Jana Blankenship is exactly what my literary heroine Maggie would have loved!  The packaging is inspired by the sea.  As an ocean-loving lassie, this was what initially attracted me to the brand, and the fabulous products keep me devoted.  I am also a sucker for the hand-drawn logos!

Inspired by the smells of the natural world, Captain Blankenship set sail on her maiden voyage in 2009. The craft was built in San Francisco by me, Jana Blankenship, and now sails in the lush Hudson River Valley.  Since childhood I have had my nose wafting in the trees and flowers. As a young devotee, I mixed together my mother's perfumes to create signature perfumes like "Scents of Hawaii." This heavy mixing as a child led to an ongoing allergy to synthetic scents. My love of smells and desire for luxurious, natural products propels my exploration. All Captain Blankenship products are made with love by me using only organic, wildcrafted or natural ingredients.To me, scent is a marker of place, time, and memory, struck by colored notes that resonate. I hope these products bring you as much pleasure as they bring me. Put them on your skin and let them grow.

I have been fortunate enough to try the line and there are some amazing creations that you all should try.  The Aloe & Rose Toner is a just magical.
Refreshing, soothing and clarifying toner that will leave your skin hydrated and dewy. Made with organic witch hazel, organic aloe vera, non-gmo vegetable glycerine, white willow extract, organic essential oils of rose and lemongrass.
This is more of an astringent toner because of the witch hazel.  But a gal on her maiden voyage needs a good toner.  I imagine Maggie would have used this to keep herself refreshed when the sea took a toll on her (I use it as a refreshing toner that keeps pimples at bay).

I have combination skin, but the Rose & Pomegranate Face Oil is heaven.   I know you think "oil, on your combination skin?!"  I thought that too, but this converted me.  It smells just as good as you are thinking and it sinks right in.
A blend of rich moisturizing and healing oils that absorb easily into skin. Just a few drops and your skin will be soft and glowing. Made with organic jojoba oil,organic sunflower oil, organic pomegranate seed oil, vitamin e, organic rose and wildharvested carrot seed essential oil.

I cannot believe how much I have fallen for this facial oil!  I recently wind-burned my skin and one application of this and it was gone.   No oil residue and the scent, oh the scent!

   Captain Blankenship  is known for the handcrafted delicious scents.  I got the Scent Sample set, which is a great way to try them all out.  Jaune is probably my favorite with the notes of vanilla, ginger, cedarwood and roses.  Phosphorescent is the embodiment of cypress with a creamy vanilla.  For me, Lila is lilacs and lime (a perfect spring scent).  My other favorite is Wolf Moon for the orris  (iris root) and frankincense.  It is dark, yet sexy.  It is a a raw, earthy scent.  Sea Wolf smells manly to me with the patchouli and pine.  Mesa wears as a spicy jasmine.  Each scent is so natural and wears for a good 5+ hours.  They release their layers throughout the day.

I like to think that Maggie would have been just as excited as me to use Captain Blankenship.  The scents of all of the products are amazing.  Stay tuned for a review of hair products from this beautiful line!

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