Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nyakio Lip Balm...Oh, honey, honey!

As a self-proclaimed lip balm addict, it is near to impossible to surprise me with a lip product.  I have that "been there, done that" attitude.  I have my favorites and I stick with them.  Until I was sent Nyakio Hydrating Lip Balm with Kola Nut!

First, a little about this incredible brand:

Nyakio Kamoche Grieco is the founder of the nyakio™ brand,a collection of beauty products inspired by her family’s secrets and created for all skin types, all ages and all ethnicities. Nyakio is a first-generation American of Kenyan descent. She was born in Buffalo, New York to Kenyan parents and grew up in Oklahoma, spending summers in Kenya.Inspired by her family of medicine men, farmers and educators, Nyakio created the nyakio™ brand to share her family beauty secrets. Nyakio was most influenced by her maternal grandfather, a medicine man, and by her namesake paternal grandmother, who lived on a sustainable coffee and sugarcane farm. Nyakio carefully selects naturally effective African ingredients that have been used by generations for their hydrating, revitalizing, smoothing and anti-aging benefits. Nyakio combines these good-for-you ingredients with modern, result-driven formulas to deliver superb multi-tasking products, formulated without parabens or sulfates. Nyakio’s authentic story and her one-of-a-kind products give everyone an enriching and luxurious experience that leaves skin more youthful-looking.

A brand with history is always a plus for me!   So back to this lip balm...Nyakio Hydrating Lip Balm with Kola Nut is a yummy, moisturizing treat for even the driest of winter lips.  I put it on at night and wake up with it on in the morning (it is that good). I can slather it on in the morning an return home from a busy day and my lips still feel moisturized.

Ivory Coast Kola Nut, the African Miracle Oil, Marula, South African Trichilia Oil and Honey combine in this luxurious lip treatment to immediately comfort and soften dry lips for the ultimate lip hydration.Nyakio’s family secret:
  • Nyakio’s paternal grandmother taught Nyakio her beauty philosophy of the energizing and invigorating benefits of caffeine.
  • The use of oils in skincare has been part of Nyakio's family rituals for generations. Oils were also often used in celebrations (baptisms, weddings, rites of passage) to adorn those being celebrated.
  • Nyakio’s medicine man, maternal grandfather was a farmer who would gather plants, fruits and nuts from his farm and extract the oils to treat and condition the skin.
  • Nyakio’s aunt cultivated bees and taught Nyakio to use honey in skincare for conditioning benefits.
  • Nyakio Hydrating Lip Balm with Kola Nut smells like pure honey (so if you do not like that scent, stay away!).  I happen to adore honey as demonstrated by the fact that we go through at least 1-2 jars a month.  It is a comforting smell for me, and I know honey not only conditions skin, it is also antibacterial.

    If you winter lips look more lizard than luscious, pop some of this little treat on and pack some punch with your new and improved kisser.

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