Thursday, February 27, 2014

My New Obsession

It was not too long ago that I blogged and raved about Osmia Organics.  Though I may try a lot of different brands, when I find one I like, I become a loyal follower.  I swear I am on the Osmia Organics site at least two to three times a week.  The body oils are to die for.  I ended up ordering more right after my last review.  I am currently using the body oil in stream.  Based on such a great experience, I decided to try more.  My most recent love affair is with the Osmia Organics Gentle Foaming Cleanser.

A very gentle, sulfate-free liquid cleanser, packed with herbal extracts.  Helichrysum extract (antiinflammatory), licorice root extract (lightening and soothing), and green tea extract (antioxidant and astringent), to name a few! Essential oils of helichrysum, carrot seed, and rose geranium heal and nourish the skin, leaving it clean and very soft, and provide the beautiful scent of this foaming face wash.
This definitely gets the job done.  If you are an eco-beauty who still craves the suds, then look no further.  This cleans off even the toughest makeup, smells amazing and heals my skin.  I never have the flaming, overly dry cheeks that other facial washes can give me.  I recently had a hormonal month (hey, we all do) and this kept any skin eruptions at bay (because I am somehow still a teenager and always get that elusive pimple).  This is a home run for me.

While shopping, I also grabbed the Deodorant Cream.  If you have not been hiding under a rock then you know that conventional deodorants are dangerous.  They contain aluminum among other gross chemicals and you apply them right next to sensitive breast tissue.  Yeah, no thanks!  This  Deodorant Cream keeps me smelling and feeling good all day.
This natural deodorant cream works in three ways.  First, absorptive powders such as organic tapioca starch, baking soda, and fuller's earth clay help control moisture and odor without blocking sweat glands.  Second, soothing organic oils of shea, jojoba, and tamanu calm irritated underarm skin.  And, third, a potent blend of essential oils helps control the bacteria responsible for causing odor.  This cream has NO toxic ingredients, and allows your skin to function normally.  But, it keeps sweaty smells at bay so you can twirl and dance and not worry about such unpleasantness.  

Osmia notes that this is not an antiperspirant (which is good because we are meant to sweat, not block sweat glands).  I think it works wonders and of all the natural deodorants I have ever used, this is by far the best.   I cannot live without it, especially since my old natural deodorant was causing an allergic reaction.

Be sure and check out the  Osmia Organics site.  I am a repeat shopper and I don't see it stopping anytime soon.  Also check out the line of natural perfumes.  My favorite is Posso, which smells like summer in a bottle. Each scent is also designed to help influence your mood.  Gorgeous!  

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