Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Little Ol' Me, and my Secret in a Bottle

I was one of those people who never saw the reason to use any kind of toner or mist.  "Extra work," said I.  "What do they really do?"  Then my magic moment happened.  One of my favorite companies (Intelligent Nutrients) created a Certified Organic Anti-Aging Mist, and I was converted.  You have all read my numerous posts singing the praises of this fabulous line of products.  I am Intelligent Nutrients obsessed, but convincing moi to use a toner deserves special accolades.  I am lazy about my skincare, I admit it, but this is my instant pick-me-up and now I want to wash my face and balance away.

Welcome to your morning happy moment. This specially crafted mist is more than a toner, beyond a mere balancer, anything but an ordinary astringent. Intellimune-powered moisturization in a highly bio-available form sinks into skin, ensuring the benefits of our serum go deeper while applying antioxidant superpower to help skin's elasticity, bounce back and inner light turn on. Use as a refresher day-long for moisture. Set makeup. Nourishes cells from within. Free of artificial aromas or fluff. For any and every skin type. 

"Does this really do all it says?" you may ask?  Why yes, dear reader it does.  On a recent stroll through my local Whole Foods, I was in a rush, without a stitch of makeup on my face.  I had a particularly tough morning getting Product Child dressed and off to school.  I washed my face, sprayed with  Certified Organic Anti-Aging Mist and ran.  I was strolling away when I middle-aged woman stopped me and asked what I was using because my skin "is gorgeous."  I was thrown.  "Who me?"  Then, it clicked.  I had been complimented once more that week and as someone who never really gets a kudos, I knew magic was at play.  I gave this sweet soul the deets and urged her to rush right home and purchase this wonder mist.  So yes folks, it works.

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