Monday, February 4, 2013

Lovely Terrariums, Lovely Escape

It is currently 26 degrees Fahrenheit here right now.  Not that I mind.  I love my seasons.  What I do not love it being trapped in our house and the lack of green around us.  Come spring, we are getting our seedlings ready and plotting our garden, but winter is another story.  I was looking for a way to brighten up our space when I came upon Lovely Terrariums on Etsy.  Creator, Mike, is an animal and nature lover.

I have many loves and passions in my life. Animal rescue and gardening are just a couple. I have been creating wonderful little terrariums for friends and family with great success. After many requests to bring them to the public, I finally decided to set up shop here on Etsy. I hope that you enjoy my little places of wonder.

We were dealing with our second (yes, second) bought of stomach flu when our special terrarium came in. My daughter went from sluggish, to excited as we plotted our little magical terrarium.  With me guiding her, she easily created her perfect little terrarium.    Mike sends all of the necessities needed to create them (including the adorable hedgehog).  Terrariums are the perfect way to brighten up a room and bring nature indoors.  I think they would be fantastic wedding favors or even a wonderful way to entertain at a children's party (a fantastic favor they can create and take home).  I know I will be buying these unique little treasures for birthday gifts as well; they beat a toy any day.

We are thrilled with our little creation.  It also teaches responsibility; my daughter has to mist the moss and remember to soak the air plant when needed.  She also had to remember to treat the plants with care (an important lesson every child should learn).  It may sound crazy, but projects like this give her a respect for the environment, science and get us excited for the warmer months when we can plant outdoors.

 Lovely Terrariums on Etsy create sustainable, magical environments, and moments that adults and children alike can cherish.  I am off to place my order for a Lovely Terrarium of my own.

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