Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Magic of Mail

Children love getting mail.  They also love stories.  My daughter can always be found begging us for "just one  more story," right before bed.  What better way to give a unique and loving gift than Mariposa Forest.  Mariposa Forest was started by two Mamas.  Jennifer and Annie created a way for your children to receive special stories, twice a month by mail.  Twice a month, your child receives a card with updates and stories from Mariposa Forest.  The stories are written by the animals and magical inhabitants that call Mariposa Forest their home.

 Our notes will not only tell of our adventures, celebrations, and daily happenings here in our world, but they will also help your child take note of the seasons and of the world in which they live, helping them connect to the nature that surrounds them in their own world.Each card will arrive in one of our rainbow colored envelopes. These brightly colored envelopes will help even those who can’t read yet know that something special has arrived just for them. The card will include photographs of our forest and let you sneak a glimpse of this mystical place. Best of all, because it comes to them by mail, they can reread and revisit the stories as many times as they like, carrying with them the key to enter our magical world whenever they choose.By the end of the one year subscription, you will have enough stories to equal four seasonal books. Unlike a book, however, your child will have a deeper, more personal connection with the cards as they were sent especially for them. As more stories and pictures arrive and reveal more about our world, so too will your child’s imagination grow the world within their minds.
Mariposa Forest is a magical place that captures the imagination of children of all ages.  
Mariposa Forest, located deep within the hills of the Ancient Mountains, is an enchanted place where imaginations are allowed to run free. Where the chipmunks cause mischief, the chickadee shares the local gossip, the fairies are left to clean up after the squirrels, and the tree gnomes will make you a cup of dandelion tea. Each of our stories comes from one of the inhabitants of the forest, some magical, some furry, and some feathered. It is a forest like any other forest to the naked eye, but look deeper and you will see a world many never realized was there.

My daughter delights in the letters written by the Fairies and the stories and letter open a dialogue with fun questions that really help your child to use their imagination.  Magical pictures accompany each piece.   My daughter was inspired to create her own fairy journal where she carefully pastes her letters from "her friends."  Give a unique and imaginative gift that relishes in the wonder and simplicity of magical storytelling.

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