Monday, December 17, 2012

A Little Folkmanis Magic

There are only a few shopping days left to get your kids some fun treats.  No matter what holiday you do or do not celebrate, puppets are a great way to add fun to any occasion.  Since my daughter was little, we used
Folkmanis to help her learn everything from brushing her teeth to tying her shoes.  My daughter is a sucker for a funny accent and animal and imaginative Folkmanis to help her along the way.   As far as puppets go, there is not a better selection out there. From simple stage puppets to real-life looking hand puppets, and finger puppets they have it all. Folkmanis even appear on television (those puppets are famous!).

Folkmanis does not disappoint with their new puppet selection.  We are crazy for the Enchanted Tree, which looks like something out of a fantasy land.  We watch Labyrinth in our home a lot.  The Enchanted Tree looks like it walked right off the set.  It's eyes, limbs and mouth work to make magic happen.  My daughter has been using it in her fairy plays she creates.  It is like a work of art.

The Pixie Sprite Puppet is the perfect enchanted companion for the Enchanted Tree .   Pixie Sprite has punky-pink hair and adorable wings that keep kids feeling magical.

The Goose Hand Puppet will keep children laughing (also a great prop for sharing Mother Goose Rhymes).  Goosy Gander (as she is known in my house) is a hit when we read some of our favorite rhymes.  I have to say that this is one cuddly loveable Goose!

And for those craving a small Folkmanis, be sure to cuddle up the Little Hedgehog.  This cutie boasts the softest fur going and a magnet helps it to roll up in a little ball, just the real thing.  My daughter sleeps with her Little Hedgehog.  He proved to be the perfect pick-me-up for a cranky school morning too.

Add a little magic and imagination and  the sky is the limit with Folkmanis.

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