Tuesday, November 13, 2012

You're a Doll!

Let's face it, sometimes the holiday season can leave everyone a little uninspired. I see these toys on the shelf in my own home and think "how could we need more." My daughter was pretty adamant that she needed a dolly with "real hair" because she loves styling it. I turned to my old friends at Corolle.

I love that Corolle fosters a child's creativity by giving them these objects of love. Children learn to bond, care for a childhood friend, and make memories to last a lifetime. I love watching my daughter respond to her doll's imagined "needs".

Corolle dolls have a special something about them. Their sweet expressions (and delicious vanilla scent) make them worth every cent. Corolle dolls are dolls for a lifetime. I still have mine from my childhood days. I found Miss Corolle Vanilla Brunette and knew she was the one for my daughter. Her expression was irresistible. Miss Corolle Vanilla Brunette is the winner of a Platinum Seal Award from The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, the only independent consumer review of children's media.
Fashion and styling fun for little girls ages 3 and up! This charming, stylishly dressed 14-inch toddler doll has a soft, huggable body and smooth-to-the-touch vinyl skin that is delicately scented with vanilla --a Corolle signature. For the creative hair play young girls love, Vanilla Brunette's long, silky brown hair can be brushed and styled lots of different ways...her sweet, authentically sculpted face will captivate any young girl. An ideal companion from waking to bedtime, Vanilla Brunette will inspire lasting pretend play memories little girls will cherish.
My daughter has spent countless hours with "Lily" and we could both not be happier. She loves that she has a soft cuddle body, with hair she can play with and style the same way I do to hers. It really is play modeling life.

When my daughter goes off to school, she makes sure that we pack her Mini Corolline Blonde and Mini Corolline Brunette. These little cupcakes are only eight inches tall, and that makes them the perfect size to take along. They fit perfectly in her backpack. My daughter's teacher took me aside to say that all of the little girls love playing with them and games of house are even better. One little boy told me he is asking for one for Christmas. The teacher especially appreciates them because they fit so well into a backpack that they are no a distraction and easy to use at playtime.

Product Mommy definitely sings the praises of Corolle, and making a child's dolly dreams come true!

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